Thursday, March 28, 2013

And You Are?: What Your Business Card Says of You and Your Company.

We all have them, carry them, and pass them around to be the reminder of who we are and what we do. Business cards are an integral part of business and networking. They can say a lot about who you are and what you are all about. Does your card say “I’m unorganized.”, “I’m the one you need to know.”, “My company is cheap.”, “My company is the industry leader.”? When looking at your card, does someone see the same in you and your company as what you are trying to convey? 

Some of us (myself included) are bound by corporate identity policies that limit and monitor what we have on our cards. Companies put these in place so that your card represents the company in a way that they see fitting. For those of you who have some freedom with cards, this article is for you!

Let’s begin with appearance. You have a lot of information to get out there, and a business card may seem like a great way to show the world what it is you are all about. Please, resist this urge as no one likes to sift through a cluttered business card to find an email address or phone number. Also, keep in mind the background or border you have chosen for your card does not make reading the information on the card difficult.

What does your title say about you? Are you the “Executive Assistant”, or might you be the company’s “Chief Conversation Officer”? Think about it. If you are an executive assistant you probably talk to more people daily than anyone else in the company, so why not carry a title that conveys that? A creative title can be a very effective way to make your card as well as yourself, stand out in a crowd. Have some fun with this, but remember to keep it professional. 

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”, but a picture on your business card will put your name and face at a contact’s fingertips. This could be the difference between a contact remembering you or forgetting you. With all aspects of your card, you want to maintain professionalism with your photo. Your Facebook profile picture of you at the beach may not be appropriate here, unless you are in swimwear sales or another related field. 

By making a few small changes such as cleaning up your template, sprucing up that title of yours, and adding a great headshot of yourself; you can take your card from sub-par to superstar. This overhaul may not suit everyone, but those that are bold and daring are sure to be rewarded with a great, professional looking card that will stick out in the sea of cookie-cutter business cards.

Thanks for reading!

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