Thursday, January 31, 2013

What Are You Missing by Not Networking?

So as you may have noticed, we have been straying slightly from the cleaning topics usually covered in this blog and going in a more business oriented direction. This article as well as some future articles will be part of a series that will focus on: business networking, social media for businesses, and perhaps some marketing as part of the Venango Chamber Newsletter.

Networking is a term you may have heard being tossed around in the business world before, but have never put much thought or effort toward. Whether you realize it or not, many of us network daily in our interactions with others. Merriam-Webster defines networking as, "the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically : the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business." If you have "rubbed some elbows", as they say, with other business peoples throughout your week, you have networked. You probably didn't even know that when you talked to Joe the plumber on Monday about your business, and exchanged some information, that you were networking. 

Now here's the neat part: Joe the plumber likes you and what your business does. He then tells a buddy of his about your services and your phone starts ringing. That is a referral, and the new lead you have is a result of the power of referrals. So look at that one instance and ask yourself: "What if I do this type of thing all the time?" If you make networking a part of your day to day business operations, you will be blown away with the results. There is one catch: You have to be sold on networking to be an effective networker. This is the same as promoting your business. Very few people, if any, will buy in to a pitch from a business person who is not confident and sold on what they are promoting. 

Going back to our friend Joe the plumber, we can also return the favor of the referral and let Joe experience the power of referrals. Say your neighbor has a leaky sink and you pass on Joe the plumber's info. That, again, is networking! So now you're growing your network, and seeing the power of referrals in action. You are on your way to becoming a master of business networking. 

As you climb your way up the business networking ladder, you can become a very influential individual. When you pass a referral or network with others, people will notice. People’s perception of you will change, and your status will be elevated. This is all made possible through your efforts in networking and passing referrals. Keep your ear to the ground as we will be expanding on the idea of “perception” in the future, and how it can affect you and your business.

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