Monday, December 19, 2011

My Pet is uh...Peeing on the Carpet...

So you have a problem. Maybe Precious the cat has found a new litter box and it just so happens to be your new living room carpet. Now before you kick the cat, hose down the carpet with Febreze, and dump your favorite cleaning solution on it think about it for a minute. In you mind, kicking the cat may be a practical idea but I would suggest taking your anger out in a different way. It also may seem like a good idea to spray as many air fresheners and cleaning products on your carpet as you can find, but think about what you are doing to that new carpet you just had put down. You're creating a lovely chemical cocktail that may bleach out your carpet (refer to a prior post to hear my rant on that).

So, if Spot the dog happens to spot your carpet please give us a call. We would love to help. If we can get in to take care of the spots before the pet continues marking the area and before you try to treat the spots, there is a good chance we can remove the spot and the odor. If you let this go for a few months and then call us you'll be looking at more than a cleaning bill to fix the problem. In that time the urine will most likely soak down through the carpet and in to the carpet pad and subfloor. If this is the case the only way to truly correct the issue is to lift the carpet, remove the pad, seal the subfloor, replace the pad, put the carpet back down and then clean the carpet. Sounds like a big headache right? So when your pet decides it is too cold to go outside and starts doing its business indoors just give us a call right away. We'll save you some headaches and some cash, and who doesn't want that?

Well, thanks again for reading and have a great holiday!

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