Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cleaning House

So, as you sit around your office today maybe you notice your garbage can is a little full, or perhaps you see smudges on your nice glass entry doors. If it seems like no one ever vacuums your carpet, sweeps the floors, or cleans the bathroom it may be time to consider hiring a janitorial service. Lucky for you, since it seems you are already reading this, you have a contact in the janitorial industry.

At ServiceMaster by Bell Inc., we work with you to tailor a janitorial program that is right for you and your business. As always, we offer free estimates even for our commercial services. If this is something that interests you please give us a call. Feel free to ask for me, Kurtis, as I can get the ball rolling for you to clean up your workplace.

Thanks for reading,

ServiceMaster by Bell Inc.