Thursday, December 30, 2010

Answering Some Questions About Carpet Cleaning.

As we draw closer to the end of yet another year, many of us will be hosting family and friends to celebrate a year well done and the start of 2011. As any of us that have thrown a party know, inevitably there will be a spill or the lovely guest that tracks some dirt or mud all over your beautiful carpets.

There are some things you should know about how to treat a stain and when to call for help. Too often I am called to look at a spot on a carpet that has been treated with a carpet spotting spray picked up from the local store, or even worse, treated with something not intended for cleaning carpets at all. Often, chemicals like this will leave your carpet permanently discolored and only aid in setting the stain you are tying to remove. One job in particular sticks out in my mind where a customer spotted a basement carpet with cleaner purchased from the local hardware and home improvement store. The carpet was green and now has yellow spots covering much of the room because of the spray used to treat some spots. After we cleaned the carpets they looked much better but the spots were still noticeable because the carpet was actually bleached by the spray that was used. One thing you might try that will not adversely effect your carpet if there is a stain would be to blot it with a damp white cloth. Simply wet the cloth with room temperature water and blot the stain. If transfer occurs you may continue to blot, rotating the cloth so that you are always working with a clean side. If no transfer occurs or transfer stops it may be time to call a professional carpet cleaning service. I can not stress how important it is to stay away from harsh chemicals for treating stains as it may permanently damage your carpets.

Another thing I hear when I'm talking with customers about carpet cleaning is concern about what needs done prior to us arriving to do the cleaning. Many people ask if we move furniture. The simple answer is yes, we will move your furniture. The only furniture we usually stray away from moving are cupboards or cabinets filled with fragile items, extremely heavy items such as safes and filing cabinets, and entertainment centers filled with expensive electronics. If you would like the carpet under your cabinet or entertainment center cleaned, we will move those pieces if you first remove the contents for us. We don't like the possibility of moving your cabinet filled with family heirlooms only to have one tip inside and break several other pieces and I'm sure you're not o.k. with that idea either.

Now we have that covered, so I'll help make your holiday clean up more affordable because who doesn't love saving some money? Below you'll find a coupon for 10% off your carpet cleaning service. This coupon is valid from 1/3/2011-1/31/2011. You must print off the coupon and present it to our crew at the time of service for the discount to apply. To print the coupon simply click on it below and in the new window that opens go to the top and click "File" then "Print".

Once again, thanks for reading and have a great new year!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What would you like to see covered in the blog?

Today I am asking you, faithful blog readers, what topics would you like to see covered in future postings? Is there a question you have in mind about anything related to cleaning, disaster restoration, etc.? It is always great to hear the input of our readers, so we're opening up the floor to you. Post a reply here with what you would like to see or email me at


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