Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Let's Talk Mold

So once again, I find myself back on a hot topic: Mold. I am often asked to take a look at structures that are thought to have mold issues. Too many times customers ask about the cheapest and easiest way to rid their home or other building of mold, as well as what they can do to take care of the issues on their own. Let me make this very clear: mold in your home or any other structure that is inhabited is an extremely serious issue that should be left to trained and knowledgeable professionals.

Let's cover some reasons why you should not risk your health and your structure's integrity trying to remediate fungal issues on your own.

-Fungal growth such as mold can cause various health issues (skin irritation, eye irritation, and nasal congestion are just some minor affects). CDC: How do molds affect people?

-Attempting to remediate mold on your own can actually do more harm than good. If your cleaning methods involve introducing any more moisture to the environment that is not properly dried, more extensive fungal growth is a possibility. Also, you may inadvertently add another food source for the fungus to feed on and continue growing.

-If one attempts to remediate mold on his or own, he or she may cause the fungus to go airborne. If this happens, it may put you or the other inhabitants of the building at an increased risk for respiratory problems.

-Fungus knows how to do two things: eat, and grow. When a fungus feeds it is actually breaking down the food source (fruit, bread, your home's structure) and aiding as well as accelerating the natural decomposition process.

As you can see, the risks associated with trying to remediate mold without the help of a certified professional far outweigh the money that may be saved up front. Please, if you suspect there may be mold growing in your home, contact a certified professional first.

We at ServiceMaster by Bell, Inc. have trained professionals on staff that can help assess any fungal issues you may have, as well as lay out a plan for what needs to be done to correct the issues. We use professional grade products and instruments to remediate mold and other fungal issues, so why not leave the health of you and your family to trained professionals?

Thanks for reading!

ServiceMaster by Bell, Inc.